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Art of Unlearning And Relearning

Nischal Mahajan

Team DTTB gets to know about an individual who’s contribution to the growth of IIPM is commendable

Mr. Nischal Mahajan’s schooling is from ‘Dalhousie Public School’ – a boarding school where he finished his 10th , post which he came to Delhi, completed his 12th and subsequently graduated from ‘Guru Nanak Dev University’, Amritsar. A newspaper ad introduced him to IIPM and after a written exam and a group discussion, he joined the institute in 1996. He says that the two years spent at IIPM as a student were wonderful and life changing, not only academically but otherwise – he met Ms. Ekta, his soul mate. Mr. Mahajan still remembers the academic rigor that he went through the two years of association with IIPM and says the impact of the learning at IIPM on his career has been ‘immense.’ He gives credit to his excellent communication skills to the ex-comm classes and says that these classes shaped his overall personality. “NEP presentations helped us shed inhibitions and made us more confident and made us effective in terms of speaking, especially publically’’, he adds. He says that these and many other classes at IIPM changed his entire outlook and started looking at the world with a new perspective. He adds, “two years spent at IIPM has been a great learning curve.”

Mr. Mahajan began his career journey with Videocon Group’s company “Kenstar.” He then joined, an e – tailing company for whom he handled the entire operations set up for Delhi, right from procurement of products to running promotional schemes and selling the products online. He then joined Bajaj Electricals and finally IIPM in 2005. His initial responsibility was setting up the placements for Hyderabad Centre. He initially headed ‘Career Management Group’, now called ‘Strategic Management Group’ or simply SMG and subsequently through his dedication and hard work rose to bethe head of entire centre. He moved to Delhi in 2011 and was now looking after the entire South India region, taking care of admissions for Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad and Bhubaneshwar centres. He has also started taking classes and teaches at least twice every week. Mr. Mahajan says that his association with IIPM as an employee has also been a great learning curve. His role in setting up the Hyderabad centre has familiarised him the nuances of setting up educational institutions. Being an ex – student he realised the aspirations of the students enrolled at IIPM and thus he helped create a great vision for the institute and he made contemporary interventions and innovations so as to facilitate the avenues for students for unparallel education and growth.

He advises students to learn the art of unlearning and relearning. “The moment a student passes out, he/she has to unlearn and relearn the dynamics of the market and once a student has relearnt, it is then he/she really applies the academic learnings”, he adds. He says that the students should develop the 4P’s – positive attitude, perseverance, passion and performance.

At home Mr. Mahajan is really a family man. He is happily married to Ms. Ekta and they have two sons, Innesh and Iresh. He says that Ms. Ekta is his source of strength and inspiration and it really motivates him to see her juggle her role as a professional and a mother and he draws inspiration from the fact that she performs all the roles perfectly and seamlessly. Mr. Mahajan loves playing cricket with Innesh and the family loves  going out together, usually for dinner.

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