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Mothers The Best Managers

Sabeena Taneja

DTTB Team learns how family is the biggest drive for the perfect homemaker

Ms. Sabeena spent her younger years in Delhi and studied there all along. She graduated from Delhi University and went on to join IIPM for an MBA degree. She remembers the time spent at IIPM as a student as her cherished memories. After completing MBA, she joined the institute as a teaching staff and taught marketing. Sabeena, then moved to U.S.A as her husband was posted there. After that Ms. Sabeena moved back to Delhi and worked in a bank for a short span of 10 months before she had to move to South Africa and chose to quit working for the greater cause of motherhood. She believes that motherhood has changed her on pretext of changing responsibilities and priorities. “Motherhood has given me a different insight into life. It has taught me about the facets of life that are generally overseen and kept in consideration”, she says. She believes that motherhood helps in defining the priorities in someone’s life and that is the biggest learning, motherhood brings along. Ms. Sabeena emphasizes that ‘stay home’ may not be workable thing for everyone and would depend on what a person prioritizes. “Staying home works for me and I am content”, she exclaims.

Commenting on the statement, “Mothers are the best managers and CEO’s”, she said that there is more of CEO than conventional stereotype CEO’s. They have changing problems that are to be addressed. It starts with challenges bought in with new born. Then, there is a radically new situation that has to manage when kids start going to school and then the teenage. CEO’s at home have ever changing scenarios to deal with – “All hail the mothers”. She believes that mothers need to apply all the concepts of management at home – be it finance, HR or people’s management. Sabeena is married to an ex- IIPM teacher – Rahil Taneja and lives in South Africa with her Husband and two sons, Rahil and Shiven . She, along with her family has not lived in India for around 18 years. “We have been living out of India for a long time and my kids have never lived in India, however, I believe that it is my duty in imbibe India morals in my children,” she believes. She believes that following a certain value system is definitive in terms of anybody’s evolution as a person.

Besides, Ms. Sabeena makes sure that she does her bit for the betterment of society. She is involved in various charity and social betterment programmes. She is involved in a society that helps the poor African people to learn English. “Working for social cause gives us a sense of pride and contentment”, she comments. Ms. Sabeena is also a member of parent body of American International School where both of her kids study.

Home makers

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