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When it comes to global outreach nothing in the world can beat IIPM. It not only organises numerous exchange programmes in typical style with world-class B-schools all across the globe, but also brings the globally renowned faculty from the Ivy League colleges to its campuses in India. In fact, all IIPM students spend 2 to 3 weeks (free of cost) in various parts of Europe, USA and other developed countries doing their academic and corporate training under a special paper called Global Opportunities & Threat Analysis (GOTA). The idea is to make the students aware of how a truly global economy works and also to bring a fresh outlook to life conducive to entrepreneurial learning. What’s more? Over 7,500 students have gone for IIPM’s GOTA to countries like USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, France, et al, in the last two years alone! Cult tries to refresh nostalgic memories of some of such recent GOTA trips when learning became fun...

The GOTA tour to Imperial College, London was from 16th -20th July 2012. Imperial College, London is one of the most prestigious colleges in world. It ranks no. 6 currently.

The sessions by Prof. Yuri Mishina, Prof. Andreas Eisingerich, Prof. Gerry George & Prof. Sankalp Chaturvedi (who covered different topics like leadership, innovation, different aspects of Marketing) made the students come up with very creative answers. The case studies used by the professors were great learning for the students & they were very confident while attending the sessions.

The students were quite enthusiastic about the sessions. Every day they looked forward to the classes. Lectures by Prof. Gerry George were quite engaging. All the professors were of the view that they would love to teach this group again if they get the opportunity.

Students after the sessions at Imperial College, London, proceeded to Belgium. The students went to see the port of Antwerp, which is the fourth largest post in the world with the area of 400 sq. km.

The students apart from studies also explored the beautiful locations of Amsterdam & Paris. They also had a good time in different cities of Belgium.

Overall the tour turned out to be very useful for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed the industrial visit to the port of Antwerp & the classes at Imperial College, London. The success of this tour reinstills the belief and the fact that IIPM is second to none when it comes to global exposure. That is why the GOTA programme has been a concrete positioning factor for IIPM in lieu with any other B-School in this country.


January 2013