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IIPM Alumni & Placements

“Take up responsiblities and look for solutions independently."

Ms. Payal Sanan
Head - Modular Planning at Bharti Wal-Mart Pvt. Ltd.

A wonderful, vigorous, smiling and a jovial person is the first thing that comes to mind after meeting Ms. Payal Sanan. “Communication works for those who work at it” is her greatest belief as she says the most important thing in one’s life is to make one’s presence felt. She is a friendly and happy- go- lucky person with a balanced behavior. Ms. Sanan has learnt in each role of her professional journey from PWC to Bharti- Wallmart. She strives to impart the same to here team. She believes in the power of woman and feels blessed to have the support of her mother. She sets a perfect example of a woman professional who dreams big in her life and is very understanding for her female team members. Her passion for work is admirable and her leadership style outstanding.

Ms. Payal Sanan, a proud alumnus of The Indian Institute of Planning & Management passed out from the institute in the year 2001 with a MBA in Marketing and Finance. She has a total work experience of ten years with most of it being in the city of Bangalore. At present she is the Head Modular Planning at Bharti Wal-mart Pvt. Ltd. After completing her Masters from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management, she began her corporate journey with Price Water house Coopers. She apparently had done her management internship with the same company. She worked with PWC for about a year. However, after spending twelve months at one of the biggest financial and accounting consultants of the world,
she realized that her capacities were best realized in a non-financial work profile. This was when she decided to switch over to a marketing profile and this move reaffirmed her belief that, “Real success is constantly learning the work you are in.” She joined Metro Cash & Carry India Pvt. Ltd. as an assistant buyer where she worked for 3 years. This was her first exposure with the Retail segment in India. These three years allowed Ms. Sanan to gather rare insights into the rapidly growing retail sector and the nuances of retail management. She then joined Symphony Services as a senior consultant and continued there for two years. She is now with Bharti Wal-Mart for the last four and half years, currently serving them in the capacity of Head- Modular Planning.

Ms. Sanan explains that Bharti Wal-mart is a completely system driven organization. It operates a total number of seven outlets in India, mostly in Tier-II cities like Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Ludhiana and the recent one being in Udaipur. Wal-mart entered India in the 2008 with its Easy Day stores for wholesale cash & carry and back-end supply chain management operations to serve small retailers, manufacturers, institutions and farmers. This idea of opening stores in small cities really did wonders for Wal-mart as the Tier-II cities offered huge untapped markets and the customers in these cities really look forward to Value-added Retail services.

The one thing at IIPM that she recalls with a lot of fondness and excitement are her ExCom classes. She reiterates that Prof. Prashanto is one of the best communication teachers at IIPM and his classes were most enjoyable. “The best times at the IIPM Qutab campus were in winter. The campus always looked best in winters,” says Ms. Sanan, Prof. PC Bagga and Prof. Veena according to her were the best faculties at IIPM. Her biggest appreciation for IIPM is the fact that the institute inculcates in its students a high level of confidence, thereby allowing them to create an impressionable personality

She currently heads a team of 10 individuals and she does not follow any specific leadership style. She doesn’t categorise herself as a ‘workaholic’ rather as somebody who will ensure her presence whenever the need arises.

One of the few concepts that she thinks most organisations should learn from Wal-mart is their policy of a ‘Women Leadership Council’. The Council works to safeguard the interest of women employees in the company and this could be especially useful in India as most companies have reservations about appointing women in key positions.

Ms. Sanan attributes most of her success to her parents. They helped her reach where she is today and specially her mother who was always encouraging her and supporting her in every situation. With a major shift in education in terms of practical knowledge, global exposure is a very important part of any course is what she feels. It really helps an individual to see another country’s work culture, lifestyle etc. This according to her is what sets an Institute like IIPM apart. With such a huge focus on International and Global Exposure, every IIPMite is updated on world affairs and best global practices.

When not working, Ms. Sanan loves to spend most of her time with her ten month old son Yugveer and working out in the gym. She also tells us that if she would have not been here today then she would have probably chosen to do her own business.

Ms. Sanan believes that the biggest challenge for a MBA fresher is to make a smooth transition from the classrooms to the corporate workstations. “Most MB As join workforces and still carry the attitude that they are still in college,” she rues. Her advice to these young people is to maintain a serious and disciplined work ethic at all times and that one should take up responsibilities and look for solutions independently rather than depend on directions from the seniors.

She suggests that once they join an organisation they should be ready to work like a true professional and accept the fact that all days will not be great! It always takes time for an individual to grow within an organisation. She also feels if an individual has an opinion, then he or she should be vocal about it. This creates an environment of transparency and anyways communication is very important in an organisation

She wishes all of them the best of luck for the future!!