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Anita Yadav

Anita YadavAnita Yadav is a connoisseur in realms of Finance with a sound base of theoretical knowledge and practical experience which strengthens her to provide successful solutions to finance and capital market related industry. Anita Yadav is a partner and Managing Director of SJS Capital Management and has been instrumental in setting up business in Southeast Asia. Her understanding of the finance is immaculate and therefore pivotal in designing appropriate strategies for various corporates.

As a multi talented woman, she has been critically contributing not just to the knowledge base of the corporate world but also has been providing consulting in the area of Venture capital, credit trading and credit research. Her creative bent and experience in the field of finance is impeccable.

Ms Anita shares her journey and secrets of success with Team DTTBQ.


Q. Please take us through your younger year and early education?

A. My father worked for India Navy and therefore I spent most of my younger years in Indian Coastal cities, mostly Mumbai. I studied in Central Schools - A school for children of central government employees. I, then went on to Geology Hons from Delhi University. If I recollect my younger years, I was never committed get into stereotype career, although my parents wanted me to study science as I was reasonably good at studies. During the final year of graduation, I came across the venture capital industry. I remember reading about World Bank aid to India and prompt inclination towards the institution of finance. Even though, I was from science background, I realized that finance is where my interest lied. Thus I made a conscious and informed decision of steering myself towards finance. Then on I had a clear goal as to what I was going to do in my life. I wanted to study finance; however, being a science graduate, I couldn’t opt for Masters Degree in finance. Therefore I decided to do MBA. I did not know where to go for an MBA degree as most of the business schools had stopped intake for new students. Somehow, I came to know about IIPM and I joined the institute – only to change my life and its outlook for good.




Q. How did IIPM influence your live?

A. IIPM has served a purpose in my life. It has steered me from science to finance. Time spent at IIPM was fun filled. At IIPM I realized that work life can be radically different from school life, especially in the field of business and finance. A career in science would require more of academic knowledge to excel but a career in this industry has a bit of human and behavioural inclination. As a student at IIPM, I was never inclined towards getting 100 out of 100. It was more about exploring the real life business opportunities. During my times, IIPM didn’t have a huge campus as it has today and we used to go to Green Park for our computer classes. Those classes were fun and I really enjoyed every bit of it. Amongst the faculty at IIPM, I would really like to mention, Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri and Rajita Chaudhuri who were young, dynamic and inspiring for the students at IIPM.


Q. Can you please take us through your career journey?

A. Even before finishing MBA from IIPM, I knew where I had to go. I applied in venture capital companies and got through one of the venture capital companies. During that time, I met my husband and got married. In 1996, I migrated to Australia. In Australia, I went on to do one more master’s degree in international finance and in the year 2000; I joined a company called Moody’s investors services as an analyst. Effectively, it was my first fulltime job and it was kind of a challenge. I had to shift my focus back from family matter to work. I was there till 2003. In 2005, I was named as the best trade analyst in Australia and that is when I was offered to set up credit research division for UBS – an Investment bank.I headed credit research and hybrid securities for 3 years at UBS until 2009. Then I joined Nomura, a Japanese investment bank as a Managing Director and head of global markets and therefore had to migrate to Mumbai. In 2010, I was approached by SJS Capital Management to set up their unit for operations in South-east Asia. I joined the company and currently am a partner and managing director at SJS capital management services in Singapore.

Q. What is your advice to the students currently studying at IIPM?

A. My advice to the students would be to have a clear vision of what they want to be. I think, most of the people who under achieve is that we really do not know what we want to do. You should have focus and clarity of goal and everything else follows the road. I think the biggest cause of failure in life is confusion and not knowing what you want to do. I am a strong believer of the saying “A man can achieve anything he wants”. It is completely true and all a man needs is a clear focus. I think school should have a designated class where in students are counseled about their strengths and kind of facilitated in discovering their interests.


Q. Can you please share a little bit about Anita Yadav, off work?

A. The hardest situation that I have faced in life has been off work. When I migrated to Australia, I had six months old child and in Australia we don’t have the privileges of being at home. However, that turned out to be productive. I would make sure that I leave work at 6 and had all my focus on work when I was at work. So, I think that has been imbibed in me. Till 6 it is all about work and 6 till 9 is the time dedicated to my kids Jahnavi and Jai and of course my husband, Surinder – an architect. I spend time in feeding them checking their home work so on and so forth. There are two strong forces in me – a mother and a CEO. However, again it is the clarity of goals that helps to manage the both. I believe it is the firm discipline and clarity of what and how you want to do it.