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“Plan for your work, work for your plan”

Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh
Director: E-Sales & Journals at Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh has given his soul to his work and he has been reciprocated well. Today he is a successful professional and delivers his best in his current role. He leads his team by setting bench marks and his efforts combined with quality makes him a leader. Mr. Singh has traveled across the globe and understands the cross-cultural differences. He is best at attracting the crowd towards his speech and presentations and feels that IIPM has refined him in and out. He expressed his deepest gratitude to Prof. Chamoli for making him believe in himself. His ‘go-getter approach and never say no’ attitude has helped him fetch his desired results. Being part of the top management, his humbleness and down to earth behavior makes his personality more pleasing. He has varied experience in Sales at one of the world’s largest Publication house, Elsevier, and he loves the brand and imbibes the same respect in his team when they go for meetings. Elsevier publishes trusted, leading-edge Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) information, pushing the frontiers and fueling a continuous cycle of exploration, discovery and application. Elsevier disseminates and preserves STM literature to meet the information needs of the worlds present and future scientists and clinicians linking thinkers with ideas.
Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh , a1999 IIPM pass out, has played key leadership role in his over 13 years of association with the Publication Industry. He feels proud to be a part of the world’s number one publication organisation Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd. It’s been nine years since he is working with his dream company and his hard work and dedication has given him the position of a Director in the organisation.

He did his schooling from government senior secondary school and he was always good with science subjects and this made him pursue Zoology Honors for his graduation. After completing graduation Mr. Singh was not clear on what to do next. He was looking forward to becoming a doctor and gave medical entrances as well. He did not do very well in the medical entrance so the other option that came in his mind was Pharma sales but Pharma sales could not be pursued without a practical degree. This was when Indian Institute of Planning & Management came into the picture. His main attraction towards IIPM at that time was that it was a 25 year old institution while other institutions were mushrooming.

His corporate journey has completely been in Sales domain. He believes sales is always a very tough job as one has to travel a lot , for him it was twenty one days at a stretch in a month . He and his two batch-mates did their summer internship at HCL in office automation. They got a very good review from their project manager at HCL. Then the opportunity came in with Globe Publication Pvt. Ltd. which was run by a family. It was a subscription agent working for various publication houses where he started his work as a sales manager handling the sales and promotion of print and online journals. His work lasted there for about four years and it was a great learning experience for him. His work demanded him to go to various places in the scorching heat of May which used to get annoying. Initially he never used to get a positive response and because of this he was completely dissapointed and thought whether he took a right decision or not.

That was the time when he came to know about Elsevier, the world’s number one publishing house. He shared that anyone who is working in this industry has a dream to work with Elsevier. He also dreamt the same. Once he was giving a presentation for Globe Publication which was being observed by the regional sales manager of Reed Elsevier, Mr. Pascal. After attending Mr. Singh’s presentation they approached him not directly but by the way of giving him a project. This was a dream come true. On joining Elsevier he was made a part of the science and technology team and with them he worked for one and a half year and then was moved on to health science division. By that time science and technology division was well established and there was a transition from print media to online media. He was asked to join health sciences division which was struggling to get into the online media, he was asked to head the south and southeast Asian regions. Many people asked him why he was going from an established division to a struggling one but he took it as a challenge. He was lucky once again here as now health sciences is the most recognized division in this sector, they have 60-70% penetration. The only institutions they have not been able to cover so far are due to the infrastructural barriers in places like Orissa, Bihar where there is low availability of internet connection. He feels really good that he took something as a challenge and was able to deliver it at his best.

Leadership comes with planning and this is what Mr. Singh strongly believes. He was always very enthusiastic about the word planning which is used in IIPM and no other institution has it in its name. His leadership style is to just plan first and then work according to that plan. “A lot of hurdles do come in your way but one should understand how to prioritize. If one plans his work well he can never go wrong”.

According to him “the characteristics of a sales person are that one has to be very brave as he has to travel extensi vely, should be able to understand the ground realities, and he must have the ability to deal with people. Honesty towards work is very important. There is no short-cut to success, Make your plan and work your plan”.

He has worked with Elsevier for eight years and his stability there is due to certain reasons. He says, people change jobs because they don’t like their boss, they are not happy with their job, not getting good opportunities.

In the publication industry there are only three to four competitors but there is a huge gap between the number one and number two. Elsevier has acquired this position with a lot of acquisitions. They already have a market share of 35%, the rest of the players in the market have to fight within the remaining 65%. They are very well respected in the industry so they have to be very careful about the team they have.

He feels that an individual has some qualities born with him but a lot has to be groomed. He himself had a phobia of speaking in public He thanks Prof. Naveen Chamoli, his Executive Communication faculty at IIPM, for now he can communicate and give presentations to a crowd of 500 people. He feels good about this change in him.

He says global exposure is very important as it gives confidence and helps an individual to believe in himself. When he was sent for his GOTA trip it was the first time he went out abroad. He felt very happy that he was coming from an institute that cares for its students.

He asks young passouts from IIPM to decide well in advance what they want to achieve in life and that has to come from within and wants them to believe in themselves.

Another great and unique passion that he shared with us is that he is a dog lover. He has 14 dogs with him. Most of his dogs are from the US and one Rottweiler is from Germany. Many celebrities buy dogs from him. They breed beagle dogs and is a website created by him and now he is planning to start a website that has dog products available online.

He has two sons named Aryaman and Rudra, and his wife Leena is a homemaker, Mr. Singh says she is a very understanding wife as she supports him a lot, for his passion. We wish that he grows in both his job and his passion and at the same time may he whistle while he works.